Panoramatec new Style

Panoramatec 4.0 - ready for 2015


In the last two years there have been some major changes in the online world. Let's look a few years back and compare our online behavior at that time with that of today. Previously it was only a few hours per day in power, but now we are almost 24 online. It gives us more and more opportunities to every time to pursue any place our online activities. We as users make use of these possibilities, of course. Accordingly, our activities, needs and our technical knowledge changed.


According to these changes Panoramatec has the latest hits and trends analyzed and adjusted its product portfolio.

The first adjustment was performed on the virtual tours, this bekammen a new layout and were renewed on the standards of HTML 5 and responsive design. The second renewal lies not long in coming, so Panoramatec built their website on completely new. This was a new, responiv design and features various animated effects that make the click through the page at an interesting experience.


Since the founding of Panoramatec there were some changes and extensions, however Panoramatec 4.0 is a major step forward. This version change also brings with it a new service - UX design.