360° Golfclub + Golf GIS

A strong team Panoramatec and GOMOGI offer courses in a cost-effective solution for the maintenance and marketing of golf courses.
The two companies are located at the same site in Klagenfurt Lakeside Park and develop together since mid-2014 at the junction of the two products golf GIS and 360 ° virtual tours. This results in numerous benefits for golf course operators.


What we offer to Golfclubs






With GIS Golf you can create customizable golf cards that you can set to share on your internal page. The data - maps used GC - customers - members of the committee and architect of the GC.

Different logins with different roll Palnern supply and marketing people maps and data you need.

Automates can Burdy Books and Edited be generated (eg for Tournaments).

What makes the Gulf GIS is you can choose from different card types and display different data can for different applications. Golf Gis include unterschiedlichtse modules you you can even put together according to your needs.


GolfGIS modules

Master Plan - GIS Spatial data (greens, fairways, lines ...)
Reports Statistics, ... customer specifische evaluation
Statistics, ... customer specifische Target-actual comparison, comparison operations, cost accounting, cost-effectiveness calculation, controlling
Pin Position Daily pin position management, PDF A5 with evacuation plan, including
Kalendar overview
Chemicals Plant nutrition fertilizer, Pflanzenschutzmitteln
Tasks Mowing, Vertikutieren, Aerifizieren, Topdressing, overseeding...
Inventory Machin, Workshop, Clubhaus, Restaurant...
products Clubstore
Baumverwaltung treekataster
Personal Manage our Team
Wetter one Wetterstation
Your wishes ..

ideen welcome













Golf in the 360 ° perspective, that you may bring golfers to your place!

so the game is on your side!


You have an 18-hole course? Are you sure?


With Panoramatec you have in the future a 20-hole course! The haircuts one to 18 are clear, hole 19 is the popular club house and brand new in the program is hole 20 on the Internet: the virtual tour route. Green fee players can learn for free at any time: Where is the first tee? How wide is the fairway? Where are water, bunkers and other obstacles? What is the Green guarded? How is the place nestled in the countryside? The clients know Opinion and ask no more questions. Your game starts already on the website! To the golf course, it is then only a small step. Hide no longer what your system has and what toil day after day your Green Keeper. Golfers appreciate it and want to be informed!